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GST on low value imported goods

Dated: December 19, 2017

Whether GST should be imposed on low value imported goods is a matter still under consideration in New Zealand. Currently, GST is not imposed on goods imported from overseas costing less than $460. While our Government continues its consideration of how to deal with low value imported goods, the Australian Government has already made legislativeContinue reading 

Thinking about Airbnb this summer?

Dated: March 16, 2017

If you’ve got spare space, putting your home on Airbnb is becoming a popular avenue to earn some extra income. With Central Otago hitting the peak summer season, there will be an influx of visitors looking for accommodation and with most hotels and motels in the area already booked out, travellers are turning to theContinue reading 

Are you thinking of replacing your work vehicle?

Dated: February 20, 2017

Among the changes included in the Taxation (Business Tax, Exchange of Information, and Remedial Matters) Bill is an amendment that allows close companies to elect to apportion expenditure on motor vehicles the company provides to shareholder-employees between business use and private use as an alternative to paying fringe benefit tax (FBT) on the motor vehicle.Continue reading 

Changes to the provisional tax rules a step closer

Dated: February 20, 2017

The Taxation (Business Tax, Exchange of Information, and Remedial Matters) Bill has passed through Parliament and now awaits Royal assent. This Bill introduces new rules to tighten foreign trust disclosures, changes to the provisional tax rules and a number of tax simplifications for businesses. A key compliance issue for many taxpayers is calculating and payingContinue reading 

No surprise tax announcements

Dated: May 1, 2016

Yesterday Minister of Finance Bill English announced the 2016 Budget with the four main areas of focus being science and innovation, public infrastructure, social investment for the vulnerable and healthcare. Many feel it is a case of “steady as she goes” with an election next year. On the tax front, there were no surprise announcementsContinue reading 

Cash out of research and development tax losses

Dated: April 14, 2016

Legislation passed on the 24 February 2016 allows research and development (R&D) companies to ‘cash out’ their tax losses arising from R&D expenditure. The new rules focus on start-up companies engaging in intensive R&D and are intended to reduce their exposure to market failures and tax distortions arising from the current tax treatment of losses. However, the newContinue reading 

Crowe Horwath NZ appoint to government panel

Dated: November 30, 2015

Crowe Horwath has been appointed as a panel member in the All of Government (AoG) Consultancy Services Solution for Businesses. Membership of this panel confirms that we offer good value-for-money and high quality consultancy services to government and local government agencies. For more information please contact Mike Brunner or visit the AoG website.