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The bright-line test: Over-taxing residential land sales?

Dated: February 27, 2018

On 15 February, Revenue Minister Stuart Nash confirmed that the election promise to extend the bright-line test from two years ownership to five years will be enacted, effective for properties acquired after the date of Royal Assent (likely to be in March 2018). Whilst this has been sold as a mechanism to “dampen property speculation”Continue reading 

Zoning Changes – Impact on property owners

Dated: May 15, 2017

Many local and regional authorities are currently going through the process of reviewing and revising their District Plans. The changes to the District Plans and flow-on effects on land zoning and land usage rules can alter the value of the land affected by those changes. Moves towards ‘intensification’ can mean that a property that previouslyContinue reading 

Resolving Auckland’s property crisis demands an ideological shift

Dated: July 28, 2016

Leading economist Shamubeel Eaqub has highlighted the need for an ideological shift and a move towards nation building as central mechanisms to addressing the nation’s growing housing pains. As shortages and runaway prices continue to dominate headlines, the situation is causing far-reaching ructions among both businesses and citizens. At a recent event hosted by CroweContinue reading 

Residential land withholding tax

Dated: July 13, 2016

The Government introduced the bright-line test for residential land sales on 1 October 2015.  The bright-line test taxes the sale of residential land sold within two years of the taxpayer acquiring the property where the property does not qualify as a “main home”.  At the same time, the Government also introduced a requirement for sellersContinue reading