Schools today face increasing demands on how best to allocate their limited resources, whilst delivering quality education to the community. Schools not only have to grapple with fee structures and how to finance the delivery and expansion of key programs, but also an increasing level of regulation for obtaining funding and finance. We understand these challenges and have a dedicated team to work with you to help achieve your objectives. Our aim is to help you to best allocate your resources to where they are most needed, while minimising the barriers to achieving your goals.

Our Offering

Ensuring regulatory compliance

We can help you meet your reporting obligations for government and third parties with our range of internal and external audit services. Our advisers can also assist you with grant and funding acquittals.

Take control of your financials

Underlying the achievement of annual results and long-term operations is the ability to successfully manage and review financial outcomes. We do so by preparing and implementing budgeting, reporting, and activity-based costing systems. We are also able to review your results and provide reports for management and financiers on exceptions. Our credit team can also assist you in dealing with your suppliers and customers in relation to resolving outstanding payment obligations.

Managing your taxation requirements

There are substantial regulatory requirements for the various tax concessions schools are eligible for. To help you navigate this regulatory mine field, we can assist you with GST matters including due diligence and audit assistance, employee remuneration including superannuation, salary packaging and FBT reviews, and operation of Gift Funds, including establishment and ongoing advice.

Findex is also the author of the GST Manual for Schools, the only school-specific GST resource in Australia. Specifically designed to provide an in-depth analysis of the GST issues applicable to schools, the manual incorporates numerous examples from real life scenarios, and is aimed at providing schools with practical solutions to their complex GST issues.

Funding made easy

Schools face stringent requirements to secure funds from Governments and third parties. Our financier relationships and extensive experience allows us to simplify the funding process for you.

We can provide lending and acquittal reports to financiers, review funding models including assumptions and variance analysis, and draft grant or funding submissions on your behalf.

We can also assist with reviewing your various insurance policies and help with finding an appropriate insurer, with policy cover to meet your needs.

Improving your internal processes

Corporate governance can be a key concern for board members in terms of school operations. We can provide advice on reviews of internal controls, help you establish policies for accounting and reporting, and help implement and review your risk management frameworks.

Data Analytics

Schools are constantly collecting and analysing data to plan for future changes. Data may range from changing demographics of student enrolments, to staff retention or interest in subject offerings.

Our Data Science team can provide innovative data driven solutions to help improve operating efficiencies, encourage revenue growth and better measure customer and student satisfaction.