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Whether you are a franchisor or franchisee, or simply looking for a way to bring both sides together, our network of 110 offices across Australia and New Zealand has your needs covered.

Franchising can be a smart way of turning a small business into a national or international chain. However, running a franchise-model business also has its pitfalls.

At Findex, we have the expertise and experience to identify business opportunities for franchisors. We provide specialist advice and services, tailored to your requirements, to assist you to drive your franchise business, add value and grow your returns. We also understand the risks of franchising, such as the speed at which a franchisor can fall into financial hardship through poor business structure, lack of cost control, ineffective management or inefficient systems.

By taking a ‘whole-of-business’ approach that encompasses the business and regulatory needs of franchisors and franchisees, we deliver solutions targeting faster, more sustainable growth and better business outcomes for all parties.

How we can help

  • Business planning and management (including strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting and cash flow analysis)

  • Business and structure setup

  • Due diligence and pre-due diligence

  • Funding applications

  • Lender negotiations

  • Business coaching

  • Education and franchisee development

  • Compliance and tax services (including structuring, asset protection and ATO negotiation)

  • Succession planning

  • Staff incentive

  • Schemes valuations

  • Estate planning

In addition to franchising, we advise on personal and business insurance, tax and self-managed superannuation. The firm also offers services such as wealth management, audit and assurance, as well as lending and finance. In this way, we provide advice that covers a wide range of your business and personal financial affairs.