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Shaun McNamara
3 May 2022
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3 May 2022

As I was sitting with a business owner last week, they described the last two years in business as a ‘hangover that won’t go away’. Initially, there was some pain relief and willing support available to mask the symptoms, but the root cause has lingered, and now business owners are left nursing the proverbial hangover symptoms.

At the outset of COVID-19 in April 2020, the mantra of ‘we are all in this together’ held relatively true. Government support was available to help employment, majority of landlords were accommodating, and banks were mostly forgiving and supportive of their customers’ financial position. Now in April 2022, it seems both patience and support are wearing thin on most of these efforts.

Perhaps you set out in business because you saw an opportunity, were good at what you do, or simply wanted to experience both the risks and rewards of a business owner. Even after pouring your heart and soul into it, you could now be questioning whether this is all worth it, especially with the challenges from the previous few years.

The next phase

Our City of Dunedin seems to have largely avoided the pandemic, but now finds itself in what experts are describing us as the peak of Omicron. At a time where the chances of actually contracting COVID-19 locally are at the highest point, much of the rhetoric and commentary around the business community appears to be moving to a new phase of cautious optimism, coupled with a large amount of fatigue.

The downstream effects of the pandemic are now being seen in full bloom in the form of labour shortages, supply chain challenges, export and shipping costs, inflationary pressures and new legislation to learn. With all these challenges in mind, business owners need support and need to ensure they have the best advice to prepare for this next phase.

How we can help

The team of Findex in Dunedin are offering the local business community an opportunity to talk with our specialists about their business. There is no charge, no hooks. You can bring your partner, adviser, accountant or anyone you trust to your appointment. We are here to listen and help.

As Ōtepoti locals, we want our next phase to collectively be as successful as possible. We know firsthand how challenging the environment has been for business owners in our community, and we also know that cost can be a barrier to getting the expert advice you need. We’re making the experts in our team available to you for a complimentary appointment for two full days on 26 and 27 of May 2022. If you are not able to book a time within business hours, we can meet early or late to suit you.

Our team of local specialists will be available to help address your lending and finance, accounting and tax, insurance, retirement planning, business growth, governance and strategy, HR, and audit challenges. These are specialists with industry knowledge who truly care about our local business community.

To receive expert business advice from our team, join us at the Findex Dunedin Office on 26-27 May 2022. Please contact Mili Remiro on 03 477 5790 or [email protected] to discuss your main challenges and book your complimentary appointment.

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Author: Shaun McNamara | Partner

Shaun is a key Partner in our Accounting and Business Advisory team based in Dunedin, with clients spread across the wider Otago region. Born and raised in the Otago region, Shaun takes great pride in working with the local business owners to assist them in achieving their goals. Shaun prides himself on 'partnering' with his clients and offers practical, commercial focused advice delivered in a concise manner. Shaun has a wide range of clients operating in a number of industries. He has also developed some particularly strong relationships in the trades and sub-trades area including construction, engineering, plumbing, electrical and has a strong understanding of the drivers of success in these areas.