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Cut the paperwork and store documents online

Lisa Qin
15 September 2021
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15 September 2021

When your business applications are moving to the cloud, you’ll need to decide where to store your data. To cloud or not to cloud, that is the question.

The COVID-19 outbreak changed everything for cloud applications and data storage. With a global shift to working from home necessitated by lockdowns, most companies gave employees an opportunity to work from home. When the lockdowns lifted, many companies found that it was beneficial for both employers and employees to continue working remotely.

Benefits of cutting the paperwork and storing the documents online

Steward Butterfield, CEO and co-founder of Slack, found only 12% of employees wanted to return to full-time office work, and 72% wanted a hybrid remote-office model moving forward.i

But a shift to a hybrid way of working will mean people will need to reframe the way they communicate and collaborate with clients and colleagues at work. And this could have many potential benefits to businesses down the line, including:

  • Reduction of printing costs, storage costs and time costs associated with printing, filing and delivering.

  • Electronic replacement of paper documents, which can easily be misplaced, damaged or lost.

  • Increased ability for data sharing and collaboration.

  • Easy to monitor user access to files enabling you to see who accessed what information and when and control the access level for users.

  • Easy access to documents via different devices such as mobile and tablet.

  • Easy to locate and categorise digital copies and documents.

  • Easy to update files and save as new versions while retaining access to prior versions sorted by date and time.

Cloud-based storage and remote desktop options

Google Drive and One Drive are simply cloud-based storage options that give you the ability to keep your photos, emails, and other files on their server. This means you can access these files from any device at any time.

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BAS 1.2.png

Chrome Remote Desktop could be an option if you’ve got some desktop applications on the office PC. It helps you to use a computer or mobile device to access files and applications on another computer over the internet.

BAS 1.3.png

Remote working is most likely the future. So, if you haven’t yet started setting up your cloud drive or remote desktop connection, speak to your adviser or get in touch with the Findex Accounting and Business Advisory team.

Author: Lisa Qin | Software Consultant

As a Software Consultant in the Business Advisory team, Lisa supports our team and their clients picking up the right digital solutions, implementing the systems and providing best practice training. Utilising the benefits of the modern digital solutions and leaving you more time focusing on growing your business is her goal. It can be a challenge deciding on what software is right for your business with so many options available. Lisa enjoys analysing the gaps in your existing systems, what you want to achieve and what is best for you. Making technology speak your language is her goal.