Cyber attacks – five low cost and easy-to-understand steps to protect your business

22 March 2019
2 min read

Cyber security issues are often distorted by technology providers, sensationalised by the media, and downplayed by attacked organisations. It’s therefore difficult for small businesses to know how to prepare for and react to cyber threats when they occur.

Cyber security is not just an issue for large corporations to worry about. Small businesses are just as much at risk from cyber attacks as the large entities we read about in the news.

However, inaction by small businesses in the face of the increasing threat of cyber attack is not the answer. The risk is real, it is not going away, and not addressing it is potentially exposing your business to an unnecessary level of disruption and cost.

A very good small business guide has been issued by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre that provides advice to help small businesses protect themselves from the most common types of cyber attacks. The five topics covered are easy to understand and cost little to implement. Click here to view the guide.

Following these simple steps can make a huge difference to the chances your business will be impacted by a cyber attack. We recommend you act now to protect your business.

Should you have further questions please contact your adviser.