The Rural Roundup FINDEX FRIDAY – Budgeting amid market volatility

Michelle Turfrey
2 September 2022
1 min read

2nd September 2022

This week on The Rural Roundup’s Findex Friday Michelle Turfrey, Partner in Accounting and Business Advisory, talks about running a budget when faced with varying costs amid market volatility.

Michelle talks through:

  • Ongoing issues with farmers right now, particularly with compliance

  • How to set a budget when costs are constantly changing

  • Budgeting advice for leading in to 2023

Author: Michelle Turfrey | Partner

Michelle has developed a reputation for improving businesses in a variety of industries through strategic planning and developing measurable KPI’s. She has worked in commercial business roles in the past, this experience gives her an understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by businesses today. Michelle also works with a number of clients in the Agricultural sector and is involved in area’s such as farm restructuring and succession as well as general tax advice.