HR Consulting

You can’t put a price on great HR advice.

Trust an expert to help you through the minefield of employment law and health and safety challenges.

From recruitment to solving challenging legal issues, Progressive Consulting, which is part of Findex, gives you the flexibility and expertise to help you navigate through your people issues.

Our consultants can work within your business as and when you need them. They can assist with all the detail the law now requires including policies and procedures, employment agreements and health and safety reporting.

Health and Safety

Are you confident you are operating a safe and healthy workplace?

Government legislation means you have to comply and that means you need to firstly work out what your business needs and how you can provide it. Progressive Consulting Findex’s HR Division and their team of health and safety specialists can take you through the process step-by-step so that you can relax knowing you’re within the law.

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