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Shape how you work

We empower you to work in a way that best meets your needs and those of your team and clients. Explore careers

It’s about giving you the scope and autonomy to have a thriving career that aligns with a fulfilling life.

Findex Senior Client Services Manager, Melinda Fulthorpe, shares how dynamic working and flexibility has helped her to fully support her young family and still nurture her own career ambitions.


You’re empowered to work in a way that fits around your family, lifestyle or personal commitments.

We support you with the tools and technology you need to work from wherever you want, however you want.

Shape your space

Shape your space

Your working environment can make a big impact on your happiness and productivity. So Findex allows you to choose the environment that best meets your needs and those of your team and clients.

Shape your leave

Shape your leave

Everyone has different personal circumstances and preferences so Findex provides a range of flexible leave options to suit your family, lifestyle and personal commitments, including options to purchase additional leave.

Shape your time

Shape your time

With our dynamic approach to working and the ability to vary your start and finish times or work full or part-time hours, school pick-ups and medical appointments can fit seamlessly alongside your commitment to colleagues and our clients. Our Audit team are currently trialling a compressed working week which enables us to prioritise our people’s well-being so they can deliver outstanding service to our clients and ultimately improve our business.

Melinda quote

“The ability to work flexibly has been a real blessing for me… That type of flexibility is not everywhere and not all employers understand that without the flexibility, I wouldn’t be able to do my job.”

Melinda Fulthorpe, Senior Client Services Manager

Ready to write the next chapter in your story?

If you’re ready to write the next chapter in your story and be empowered with the tools to thrive in ways that suit your personal development and lifestyle, explore our career opportunities.