Driving performance and supporting positive change
The Consulting team at Findex offer best practice solutions and practical advice to help maximise your organisation’s profitability and return on investment.
Our team work with you to develop a tailored and structured solution to prioritise successful project management, risk management and change management. Our consultants combine commercial, operations, finance and accounting experience, in a vast array of industries and business types. Speak to our Consulting team today.
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Global breadth and local knowledge
Our vast geographical footprint and global network provides you with direct access to global knowledge through a local adviser.
An external perspective
We can provide you with specialist advice grounded in business perspective and objectivity.
Our Services
See our range of Consulting services.
Forensic Investigations

Safeguard against cybercrime risks and develop a prevention strategy and response plan dedicated to protecting your cyber security.

Data Science

Utilise data analytics and innovative processes to build new business opportunities in a continuously changing business environment.

Risk Consulting

With strategic analysis and monitoring, we can assist you to make feasible financial decisions for the long-term.

Operational Support

We can take care of the financial maintenance of your business, so you can stay focused on everything else.

Structures for Tax and Asset Protection

Tax is woven into most areas of financial planning. We can help you navigate tax legislation and asset protection strategies.

Business Improvement

Owning or operating a business of any size comes with its challenges. We are here to guide you through your financial journey.

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Our job is to make sure that your business operates in the best possible way at the best possible level to produce that extra value.
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