Business Advisory

Benchmarking tools – Open Measures

22 March 2019
1 min read

At Findex we have our own proprietary benchmarking tool called Open Measures that can be applied to your business to track and rank the performance of a company relative to its peers.

This means you can:

  • comprehensively evaluate an entity’s results

  • easily identify strengths and weaknesses using a visual scorecard

  • quickly and accurately position an entity among its peers.

Open Measures highlights an entity’s strengths and weaknesses relative to market peers and against client targets they want to achieve.

More particularly Open Measures is an ideal tool that could be implemented to measure the important KPIs of multi-locations of your business.

We can share with you our experience in implementing this system for the many client businesses that have improved their performance.

Please contact your Findex adviser to learn more about how you can improve business performance by using Open Measures.