Corporate Finance
A partnership approach to driving business outcomes
With extensive expertise, market relationships and a forward-thinking approach, Findex can help your organisation achieve its objectives.
The corporate finance team have years of experience helping organisations face their business challenges and capitalise on opportunities. Our focus is on driving client outcomes with thorough planning and ongoing support. Our experienced advisers work with you through all stages of a transaction or investment, helping you with valuation, funding sources, capital structuring, and investment decisions. Drawing upon our deep industry expertise, our corporate advisory team present solutions that add value and help you make informed decisions to deliver the best outcomes. Speak to our specialist Corporate Finance team today.
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Partnership approach
We partner with you to plan and provide support through each step of your transaction or investment.
Practical, real world advice
With deep industry expertise, our advisers provide solutions that add value and deliver optimal outcomes.
Our Services
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Tailored valuation information to help assess the true potential of a transaction and instil confidence in the associated decision making.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you are looking to grow, diversify or exit a business, Findex can structure your transaction to help simplify the realisation of shareholder value.

Equity Capital Markets

Leveraging our deep understanding of the markets, we take a diligent and systematic approach to raising capital through equity to help you achieve successful outcomes.

Financial Modelling

Dynamic modelling and sensitivity analysis to assist feasibility assessments and informed decision making on key liquidity events or transactional activities.

Transaction Advisory

Specialised support to enhance your competitive advantage and shareholder value through strategic transactions.

Debt Advisory

From the development of the strategy until financial close, Findex can guide you through the end-to-end financing process.

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