Corporate Finance

A forward thinking approach to corporate finance.

When a business changes course the right advice and pre-planning is crucial. From mergers & acquisitions to transactional services, capital markets advisory to valuations, we aim to ensure you are provided with flexibility in timing, scope and the deliverables you require.

Achieving favourable outcomes.

With extensive expertise, market relationships and a proactive approach, we can help you face your business challenges and capitalise on opportunities. Our advisers work closely with you at every stage, acting quickly and drawing on the resources of our accounting, tax and audit divisions as required.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Where is your business headed?

Are you looking to grow or diversify through acquisition or a merger? Is the best course of action to downsize and divest lower performing assets? Or are you looking to exit from your business? Whatever your goal, we can guide you through the challenges, assessing your situation and helping you put a successful strategy in place.

Working with you from start to finish.

Once we have analysed your business and the best strategic fit of advisers to meet your goals, our team will identify potential acquisitions or acquirers, assess all the options and possible outcomes so then present you with the best information and advice to help your decision-making process. Once action is planned, we can also oversee the management any transaction or negotiation process.

Transaction Services

The right transaction support is critical to success.

When an opportunity emerges you need to be prepared to act – especially in a rising market, when competition for assets can drive premiums higher. At the same time, a rigorous financial analysis is essential for making a well-informed decision.

Our advice ensures your strategic decisions can be made with confidence, based on financial and commercial realities, and followed by smooth and efficient execution.

Objective analysis of financial and commercial realities.

Our transaction services team is ready to support you with comprehensive analysis and advice, due diligence, strategy, negotiation and taxation. We invest the time to understand your unique needs and circumstances and deliver transaction specific advice focused on the key transactional and commercial issues critical to your situation.

Capital Markets

Strategic growth aspirations often require equity or debt funding from capital markets.

Whether you’re considering an acquisition, expanding your existing operations or looking to raise equity with a public offering, capital markets are an efficient and highly flexible source of long-term funding. Yet they can also be complex and difficult to navigate, with a variety of funding and structuring options to choose from.

Together, the possibilities are endless.

Our extensive experience and strong network of financiers can help you find the funds you need to realise your vision. We work closely with you to assess financing options across debt, equity and hybrid markets, both here in New Zealand and overseas. We then develop and execute a tailored strategy aimed at maximising value to you.


Rigorous and independent valuations are an essential prerequisite for sound business decisions.

Whether you’re planning an acquisition, divestment, restructure, refinance or simply developing a new business strategy, we ensure your valuation is prepared on a fundamentally sound basis, with relevant research, analysis and professional care. Combining analysis with a tailored approach provides you the information needed to assess the true potential and value of planned transactions, so you can make decisions with confidence..

Strengthening your corporate tax situation and unlocking benefits.

Providing you with sophisticated transaction guidance, we will assist you in covering the basics such as buying and selling, extending to corporate restructures, mergers and acquisitions and winding-up businesses. Our advisers understand the importance of reducing your exposure to tax liabilities and are able to provide consistent monitoring of tax implications and the provision of up-to-date information relating to your situation.

Debt Advisory

Our experienced debt advisory team assists clients who are seeking to raise debt or better structure existing facilities. Our team works closely within its global network to better access domestic and offshore debt through traditional and alternative sources.

We approach the financing process with flexibility and understand not all businesses are alike. Our team strives for consistency in trusted and quality advice, always aiming to assist rather than direct. We aim to lead in market accountability and best service our client interests.

Together, the possibilities are endless

Our strong network of financiers can source the funds required to realise your vision. We work closely with you to assess the financing options and tailor a capital maximising strategy that benefits you. Our team can assist with:

  • Traditional and alternative debt raising
  • Debt refinancing and restructures
  • Banking advice, covenant and term assessment
  • Bespoke financing strategies and modelling
  • Independent reviews in funding support
  • Cashflow and asset-based financing

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