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New Zealand retail e-commerce solutions | Podcast

Nigel Smelie Nigel Smellie
20 November 2020
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14 July 2020

Learn more about recent developments in online shopping and e-commerce solutions. The Findex NZ Business Advisory team - Nigel Smellie (Associate Partner), Michael Alexander (Senior Manager) and Melissa Berkers (Software Consultant) - have done the research to create some comprehensive digital packages using leading technology platforms.

Nigel Smelie
Author: Nigel Smellie | Partner

Nigel started with Findex in 2001. Nigel obtained full membership to the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants in 2007. As a Partner, Nigel offers business advisory to his client base. Nigel is particularly passionate about digital solutions and ensuring clients are able to obtain the information they require to make accurate and timely decisions. Nigel works across two offices Alexandra and Cromwell.