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Property tax common issues - your questions answered

Jarod Chisholm Jarod Chisholm
2 September 2022
1 min read

2 September 2022

With all of the recent changes to the taxation of property it can sometimes be difficult to know how the rules apply to you. In this webinar our team discuss common scenarios such as:

  • When is a subdivision subject to taxation?

  • Is the main home exclusion available when you are forced to sell your property?

  • Will you be subject to the Brightline Test if you wind-up your trust which owns a house?

  • Is there truly a magical 10 year rule that exempts all property taxations from tax?

  • If I help my children into a house, what tax issues do I need to be mindful of?

  • What is the difference between having an intent to sell and the Brightline Test?

Plus many other questions and scenarios covered.

Presented by:

Jarod Chisholm (Senior Partner, Tax Advisory)

Daniel Gibbons (Partner, Tax Advisory)

Ryan Watt (Partner, Tax Advisory)

Jarod Chisholm
Author: Jarod Chisholm | Managing Partner - Tax Advisory