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The Final Countdown - NZ Trust Law Podcast

Daniel Gibbons Daniel Gibbons
16 July 2021
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16 July 2021

The new Trust legislation came into effect on January 2021. This signalled the first major change in Trust Law since 1956. The new act lifts the expectations on trustees, it also puts the emphasis on the role and responsibility to look after the interests of the beneficiaries. With deadlines for action, this is an important update for all trustees.

Hosted by Paul Moodie, Senior Partner in Performance Consulting and Daniel Gibbons, Partner in Tax Advisory, the topics covered include:

  • What hasn't changed: mandatory duties, timelines, and responsibility to contact beneficiaries

  • What has changed: COVID, Brightline, interest deductibility and top marginal tax rates

  • What have we learned: focus on self interest, investment responsibilities, Anti-Bartlett, diversification, investment strategy and tax issues

Daniel Gibbons
Author: Daniel Gibbons | Partner