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Ease the payroll burden and operate your business with confidence.

When a company decides to outsource the administrative and compliance burden of payroll, smart business owners look to the expertise of payroll experts through a Managed Payroll service.

Running error-free, on-time payroll requires intense attention to detail coupled with an extensive knowledge of ever-changing rules and regulations in payroll management.

Acting as a step-in Payroll Department, our Managed Payroll experts give you the peace of mind that you’re compliant while also freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.

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A fully outsourced end-to-end payroll solution delivered by local teams of qualified New Zealand payroll professionals.


Payroll processing and maintenance of employee data.

No more worrying about accurate and timely payments – our local team of onshore qualified New Zealand payroll professionals handle it all for you.


Payroll advisory services and reporting.

Our experts go beyond simple payroll processing to provide you with insightful guidance and strategic advice through comprehensive reporting and analysis.


Comprehensive workforce management solutions.

Access an integrated suite of services covering every aspect of workforce management – from leave management and Employee Self Service to Automated Remittance of Salary and Pay As You Earn (PAYE) compliance.


Book a complimentary review

Save on time, stress, and cost with a complimentary review by our qualified New Zealand payroll professionals.


Free yourself from the stress of payroll management.

Working side-by-side to manage your payroll, our team of experts will help give you the peace-of-mind that your employees will get paid on time, every time.

Our New Zealand professionals have extensive experience in payroll management and employee tax knowledge for businesses of all sizes, helping ensure accuracy and legislative compliance.

Let the experienced Managed Payroll team at Findex help you free yourself from the stress of payroll so that you can focus on your core services and business growth.


More than 35 years of empowering businesses with financial excellence.


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Tap into unparalleled expertise from local teams of qualified New Zealand payroll professionals.

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A valuable alternative to an inhouse payroll function that saves time and money.

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Your qualified payroll professionals are 100% onshore.

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