As Co-Chief Executive Officer, Tony is pivotal to the key operations and will help set the strategic tone for this next phase of growth. With a focus on redefining the ‘norms’ of how a successful business operates, Tony has been instrumental in Findex becoming the largest diversified financial services and trusted advice business in Australia. 

Tony values strong leadership and empowering others to think outside the box. In driving purpose and strong trademarks, he builds and maintains relationships with his teams by making a considered effort to regularly travel between Findex’s regional and metropolitan offices. Facilitating engagement sessions with employees in these locations, Tony ensures their feedback is understood, absorbed and acted upon by his operations team and broader business. 

In addition to being a group Director and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Tony has served as a Chair of the Findex Investment Committee, which brings together external investment advisers, client advocates, and key Findex investment professionals to oversee the strategy, research and implementation of Findex’s investment philosophy and activities.