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Do you have Australian Investments? You may have Australian tax obligations

Jarod Chisholm Jarod Chisholm
22 March 2019
2 min read

As you may be aware New Zealand has entered into an Automatic Exchange of Information Agreement with approximately 100 other countries, including Australia. This results in information being shared by “financial institutions” with the relevant tax authorities. The first round of information is being shared later this year.

If you have investments in Australia (other than listed shares) you may have Australian tax obligations. If you have not been dealing with these, it is likely that the Inland Revenue Department and Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will become aware of this through the information exchange. This may result in assessments being raised and penalties being imposed.

Findex has tax specialists in Australia who can assist you with identifying and/or meeting any obligations you may have, before the ATO come calling. By being proactive around any tax obligations, penalties can often be mitigated.

If you have investments (other than listed share investments) in Australia (or other countries) and you wish to understand if you have tax obligations in that jurisdiction, contact one of our New Zealand tax specialists. They will be able to assist you and connect you with a tax specialist in Australia (or elsewhere).

With 25 offices across New Zealand and over 600 staff (with over 100 of those being tax people), there is someone in your region that can help you.

Jarod Chisholm
Author: Jarod Chisholm | Managing Partner - Tax Advisory