Findex Community Fund 5th anniversary

11 April 2023
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11 April 2023

This year we entered the fifth anniversary of the Findex Community Fund (FCF), and we have taken the time to look back over the charitable impact that we made during that time. FCF reflects our business values, through our client first approach and our deep understanding of the communities that we live in and serve.

FCF is well embedded within our people, and our giving culture drives FCF charitable donations into our regions. We want to ensure that the donations that we make through the Findex Community Fund, address the greatest needs of the people and communities that we’re connected to. Reaching the five-year milestone this year, it’s time to reflect on our charitable focus, what impact we want to create, and the legacy that we wish to provide into the future. As we prepare for FY24 and beyond, we encourage our people and our clients to help shape our FCF donations through a survey.

Our vision for FCF is to create equal access to opportunities for people isolated by location or circumstance, through programs that are regionally relevant, nationally impactful and globally scalable. Having a lasting impact on both our clients and our communities is why we do business. In those five years, we’ve donated over $2.91M to charities across Australia and New Zealand and have hit some significant milestones.

1. In February 2018, we launched Findex Community Fund and established the FCF entities in Australia and New Zealand . At the time, FCF Director and Co-CEO Matt Games said in an article for Pro Bono Australia, “We want to make sure as much of the money we raise actually flows through to the end recipient as possible.” This vision continues to be true with Findex absorbing all administration fees for Findex Community Fund and all donations going directly to charities.

2. In July 2018 we rolled out our Workplace Giving Program to our network of employees. Choosing the Good2Give platform as our chosen provider at the time boasting accessibility to over 1,500 charities. This was a key factor for us, with our people distributed across over 100 locations in Australia and New Zealand, we wanted our people to be able to control their own charitable giving and donate to charities that were important to them locally. Fast forward to January 2023 and our combined impact through Workplace Giving (including staff donations and FCF matched donations) has exceeded $1M in charitable donations.

3. Our workplace Giving Program has been instrumental in embedding the giving culture that we have now. FCF matches dollar for dollar donations made by staff for charities that align to our FCF focus areas of health, education and entrepreneurship. Since 2019 we hold an annual campaign called “Giving Week” when staff donations made through Workplace Giving are double matched, tripling the impact for the end recipient. This campaign has grown in impact year on year with our greatest impact in 2022 totalling $71,711 for charities across Australia and New Zealand in one week. Bring on Giving Week 2023!

4. Since 2018 we have supported six Australian charities:

  • Beacon Foundation

  • Ronald McDonald House Charities

  • Royal Far West

  • Country Education Foundation

  • Yalari

  • Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal

and three New Zealand charities:

  • KidsCan

  • Ronald McDonald House Charities

  • Outward Bound

Our Partner Charity Program is the cornerstone of our charitable impact, and our partner charities reflect the impact we aim to provide to our communities. In 2022, we added two additional Partner Charities: Headspace (AU) and St Johns Ambulance (NZ), a significant milestone to see our charitable impact extending further to very worthy causes.

5. Our Findex Community Fund donations and charity relationships are a driving force enabling our people to connect with their communities. This financial year so far, our people have committed over 1,000 hours to volunteering!

Learn more about Findex Community Fund and the impact we’ve made in our communities.