My Advice to Accounting Graduates Starting with Findex

5 July 2022
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6 July 2022

Piper Ryland has been with Findex for two years, starting her journey as a trainee and moving upwards quickly into the Audit team with our subsidiary brand, Crowe Australasia. Her advice to you: back yourself and show Findex what you are all about.

Piper Ryland

I originally started as a trainee with Findex in Business Advisory in March 2020, just days before the pandemic shifted how we work. I began my new working life as a budding accountant and was able to transition from working on low level jobs to more complex tasks. The opportunity came up to move to the audit team under Crowe Australasia. I love what I do and feel so lucky to have grown personally and professionally during my time here.

I am so grateful for my manager and the wider audit team who welcomed me with open arms and have fully supported me in my career change. I have built an array of skills and knowledge through both roles, which I am hopeful will lead to endless opportunities in the coming years. Thanks to Findex’s forward and flexible approach, the 9 to 5, 40-hour work week will never be the same.

Findex careers

At Findex and Crowe, we have adopted a dynamic working model, which means my days look different each week. Typically, I login at 7:00 a.m. and begin my daily tasks. To set me up for success, I often write a list of everything I need to achieve for the day. This keeps me on track as no two days are quite the same. Whether I am attending a lecture to aid my studies, a training course provided by Findex to enhance my knowledge or meeting with managers and Partners to discuss jobs and receive the necessary help I need to complete the task at hand, I know the never-ending support will always be the same. As a team, we are working towards the same goals, and the team culture is second to none.

My advice to anyone thinking about applying to the graduate or trainee program at Findex is to back yourself and show Findex what you are all about. Appreciate and enjoy the process, you must start somewhere, and Findex is the best place I could have started. I could not imagine my life without the people I have met, challenges I have overcome and work I get to do.

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