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Provisional tax rules and tax pooling

Jarod Chisholm Jarod Chisholm
23 November 2023
1 min read

With the current cost of living crisis impacting customers and businesses alike, cashflow constraints continue to be an issue for many taxpayers. When paying tax, it is important to understand the obligations, including how these rules work, what you need to pay and when by.

The use of tax pooling can be an effective way to provide short-term finance to a business, or to ease cashflows, particularly in current times when the future may not be so clear. It also gives more options to businesses to better manage tax payments. It is also unsecured debt, so often does not impact on wider banking covenants.

Findex has partnered with TMNZ to provide tax pooling benefits to our clients.

This webinar looks at the current provisional tax rules and outlines the various options TMNZ provide through tax pooling to assist taxpayers and help spread tax obligations.

Jarod Chisholm
Author: Jarod Chisholm | Managing Partner - Tax Advisory