“” app targets better farm health and safety without the hassle

Melissa-Vining Melissa Vining
22 March 2019
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With the launch of a new app specifically tailored for New Zealand’s farms, professional services firm Findex is making it easier and more convenient to institute sound health and safety practices in rural workplaces. Dubbed ‘’, the app is the result of a partnership between Findex’s Human Resources division, Progressive Consulting, and developer Peak Software. is customised to Kiwi farms and agricultural support businesses, such as agricultural contractors, transport providers, fertiliser spreaders, vets and shearing contractors.

Neil McAra, Managing Partner of Findex South NZ, says the company is pleased to offer further support to its rural clients, particularly on an issue which is vital to the wellbeing of workers. “Compliance can be a challenge given the extent and complexity of the new regulations in the new Act. With this partnership and the resultant app, we believe that’s a challenge which has been solved, delivering convenience and clarity for compliance which doesn’t have to hamper operations.”

Melissa Vining, Senior Human Resources Manager for Findex says the software helps ensure every area of a business is compliant with health and safety legislation and aligned with industry best practice. “The app is designed to make compliance with new regulations faster and easier, ultimately supporting improved workplace safety. By providing rapid guidance to the regulations and a handy ‘go anywhere’ reference, takes the hassle out of health and safety, while delivering the benefits of good practices.”

The app offers a range of features to automate and accelerate record keeping, calculate risks, manage documents and produce reports as required.

As an app, is installed on a smartphone or tablet and also has a browser-based portal, providing flexibility of access for users. It operates in online and offline modes, allowing users to access a real-time view of their safety management anywhere and anytime. “This was an important factor in the design of the app,” notes Vining. “Given that connectivity isn’t assured in rural settings, it was essential that it works whether connected or not.”

Over and above the obvious advantages of safer workplaces, businesses owners and farmers may be eligible for a discount of up to 20% on their ACC levies by instituting sound health and safety practices, something helps ensure. “With, the onerous paperwork associated with record-keeping is virtually eliminated, helping rural businesses to get the benefit of a rigorous approach to health and safety, without the hassle of compliance,” Vining concludes. is available as a package for small (up to 5 staff at $50/month), medium (up to 50 staff at $75/month) and large (up to 200 staff at $250/month).

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Author: Melissa Vining | Partner