Start Planning for Tax Time


3 March 2022

There are several tax rules that you should consider as part of your year-end planning which require you to have acted before 31 March 2022 to take advantage of them.

The application of these rules will affect the level of taxable income you report and pay tax on for the 2022 tax year. These rules may allow you to recognise a deduction in the 2022 year or defer income recognition to the 2023 year.

Join our Tax Advisory experts, Senior Partner Jarod Chisholm and Partner Stephen Richards, as they examine tax planning opportunities and considerations such as:

  • Bad debt deductions

  • Trading stock valuation

  • Unexpired expenditure and prepayments

  • Employee entitlement accruals

  • Provisional tax, use of money interest, and tax pooling

  • Year-end distributions

For more information or advice, contact us or get in touch with the Tax Advisory team.

Author: Jarod Chisholm

As a Tax Advisory Senior Partner in the South region, Jarod leads a team of dedicated professionals specialising in all areas of tax, with a particular emphasis on owner managed/high networth individuals. Jarod has worked for a number of Big 4 firms in both Dunedin and Sydney before joining the Findex tax team in Dunedin (formerly Taylor McLachlan Limited) in 2004. He also has experience in working as a management accountant for a couple of large corporates. Jarod enjoys assisting entrepreneurial clients in achieving practical/commercial outcomes in all areas of their business. Jarod has experience in providing advice in most areas of tax to a wide range of clients ranging from passive investors to major corporates. He also provides tax support to a number of accounting firms. Jarod regularly presents to lawyers and accountants and the wider public on various tax topics ranging from cross border taxation to business sales.