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The future of property: How will the recent tax changes impact you?

Daniel Gibbons Daniel Gibbons
11 April 2024
1 min read

With the Tax Bill set to pass before the end of April, there could be significant implications on property owners that need to be understood. Our tax experts have addressed a few of the bigger questions in this webinar to help ensure you’re prepared for what these changes mean and how they may impact you and your investments.

Topics covered:

  • Bright-line Rule: The reinstatement of a 2-year bright-line period and what this means moving forward for property owners.

  • Interest deductibility: Reinstatement of interest deductibility on residential land.

  • Depreciation: The removal of depreciation on buildings and options for impacted owners.

  • Marketplace Rules: How these will impact short-term rental owners.

To understand more about how the changes impact you specifically, speak to a Findex Tax Adviser today.


  • Daniel Gibbons - Tax Advisory Partner

  • Ryan Watt - Tax Advisory Partner

Daniel Gibbons
Author: Daniel Gibbons | Partner