The Rural Roundup FINDEX FRIDAY - Agribusiness costs, challenges, and succession planning

Neil McAra
18 August 2022
1 min read

18 August 2022

The first episode of FINDEX FRIDAY on The Rural Roundup podcast is with Southland's Managing Partner, Neil McAra. Neil discusses the importance of clear succession planning in agribusiness to safeguard family relationships and protect the future ownership of assets. Neil also chats through his take on:

  • How farmers are managing costs and maintaining profits

  • Benefits of having an expert team to tap into

  • Hot topic of increasing labour costs

  • Currency depreciation and what farmers are looking at to provide a bit more certainty

Author: Neil McAra | Managing Partner

Neil is the Managing Partner of South and Head of Agribusiness, Neil leads over 100 staff with a focus on delivering absolute value and expertise to clients. He has 20 years experience in accounting and advisory services, particularly agriculture, manufacturing, estate & succession planning, corporate finance, business advisory, accounting, fishing, building and construction.