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Take the mystery out of business performance.

A Virtual CFO helps you make sense of your financials so that you can make strategic decisions that help drive sustainable growth.

Tailored to your exact needs, budget, and business size, our Virtual CFOs get to know your business intimately in order to help you address critical issues like cash flow management, financial forecasting, raising capital, and so much more.  

Beyond that, our Virtual CFOs have access to a team of financial experts, giving you the opportunity to take charge of multiple financial needs simultaneously. 

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Our experienced CFOs get to know your business intimately and tailor their services to your exact needs.

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Business growth and strategy.

Leveraging the best of technology, our Virtual CFOs work digitally to provide you with high-level strategic planning and financial insights and have a strong track record of successfully assisting businesses of all sizes.  

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Reliable and flexible reporting and forecasting.

With intuitive workflow to help create visual reports and rich forecasting, our financial reports provide you with a comprehensive overview of your finances and an easy to understand way to review and report on cash flow. 

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Financial expertise and intelligence.

Take control of profit and cost management to help ensure your business is achieving the desired profit, performance, and revenue targets with a clear picture of your business expenditure and operations. 

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Download a comprehensive range of sample financial reports to simply visualise data.

Your complimentary download includes a sample cash flow forecast, a sample dashboard report and industry specific reports to help you aggregate, rank, and benchmark. 

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Expert advice to help you scale and grow.

Findex’s Virtual CFOs provide you with a holistic range of financial services on a contract or part-time basis that help you shoulder the financial complexities of your business — all without the overheads of an in-house hire. 

Our services are tailored and 100% virtual so no matter your location, we can find you an experienced Virtual CFO that fits your business and budget. And, if you’re not quite ready for the services of a CFO but need a better view of your financial situation, Findex can support your business with automated and templated financial reports backed by a responsive customer success team. 

With intuitive workflow processes to help create visual reports and rich forecasting for your business, our financial reports provide you with a comprehensive overview of your finances and an easy to understand way to review and report on cash flow. 

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More than 35 years of empowering businesses with financial excellence.


Expert financial guidance

Tap into unparalleled expertise from our qualified and experienced Virtual CFOs. 

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100% digital

No matter your location, hire an experienced Virtual CFO that fits your business and budget.

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Powerful reporting

Independent and accurate reporting your business can rely on to inform strategy.

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Tailored to you

Tailored services to your priorities and budget that scale with you as you need.

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