Life insurance: The lifeline Katrina hoped she would not need

Life insurance is the lifeline you’re searching for when your whole world comes crashing down. When you lose not only your husband, father of your children, and best friend, but your household’s primary income earner.

This was Katrina’s experience in 2019 when her seemingly healthy husband, Scott, suddenly passed away from a heart-attack, at the age of 42.

Over ten years prior, the couple had sought financial advice with dreams of securing their family's future and giving their two boys experiences they weren’t able to afford for themselves. Never did Katrina imagine she would need her husband’s life insurance, never did she imagine she’d be raising their two boys, without him.

But this advice meant Katrina didn’t have to immediately go back to work, or focus on the mortgage, or figure out the school fees. She didn’t have to push aside the grief of her family.

This advice meant their financial future was secure.

Katrina has since dedicated herself to learning and bringing awareness to Australia’s biggest killer – heart disease, sharing her story as often as she can in hopes more people will take preventative action, and better health care is available in her community.

By Shane Fitzsimmons

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