General Insurance

Making general insurance cover simple, straightforward and cost effective.

Life is inevitably full of risks. Some of these risks, or unexpected events, can really set you back, and not having the right risk management strategy in place has the potential to make you financially vulnerable.

At Findex, our team of specialist general insurance advisers will work with you to see that you have access to the best available protection, ensuring you are adequately covered in the event of such circumstances. As we are not a subsidiary of the major insurance product providers, our advisers will only recommend products that they believe are suitable to your needs. We have made it our mandate to take the hassle out of navigating the right level of cover our clients require.

We recognise that providing security for you, your family and your business is number one priority. It is for this reason Findex offers a wide and comprehensive range of insurance cover, providing the ability to roll all of your policies into one package.

  • We will work with you to research the most appropriate and affordable policy for your insurance needs.
  • We can offer a regular review service of your position, ensuring that the strategies we have put in place continue to align with your changing circumstances and objectives, costing and market practices.
  • We can offer tailor-made, flexible premiums as well as multi policy discounts, aiming to make the process as cost effective and easy as possible for you.

Types of cover

On the land insurance

Our insurance representatives are local people that understand both rural and metropolitan New Zealand. Our policy options includes, but are in no way limited to, Farm Motor, Liability, Machinery and Property Insurance, Theft Insurance, Home and Contents Insurance and Livestock Insurance.

Commercial Insurance

We have worked with a range of small, medium and large businesses to reduce risk and provide protection and peace of mind. From Management and Cyber Liability, to Property Owner’s Insurance and Cargo and Freight and everything in between, we can provide a range of commercial insurance options to cater to your individual business needs.

Domestic Insurance

When it comes to you and your family we want to make sure that you are covered for all those unforeseen circumstances. Our qualified team is able to give advice and work with you to help determine the most suitable policies for both you and your family – saving you time and money, and providing security in foreseen circumstances.

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