write_your_next chapter Findex is building a workplace for the future. A workplace that is unrestrained by geography and hierarchy. A workplace that values your needs and allows you to be the best version of yourself. Explore careers

Write your own adventure with graduate career opportunities at Findex.

Embark on a career journey that transforms and grows as your ambitions do. The possibilities are endless as you gain the technical skills, experience and opportunity to carve your own career path - no matter where that may take you!

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We focus on empowering you to work in a way that best meets your needs and those of your team and clients. At Findex, your career growth isn’t limited by your location.

We attract, retain and promote people who share a sense of purpose and belonging. And we have a passion for creating opportunities for growth and sustainability that ripple throughout metropolitan and regional communities.


Working at Findex means you can pursue your dreams, wake up every day in a place you love and surround yourself with people who inspire and challenge you.

Shape how you work
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Shape how you work

We empower you to work in a way that best meets your needs and those of your team and clients.

Grow your career with us from anywhere
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Grow your career with us from anywhere

With a focus on internal talent development, your career growth isn’t limited by your location or the role or division where you started.

Thrive with collaboration
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Thrive as a team

We come together across service lines, reporting lines, offices, regions and countries to support each other and achieve amazing outcomes.

Contribute to something bigger
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Contribute to something bigger

We are grounded in our communities and committed to leaving them better for having known us.

Career opportunities

As one of New Zealand's largest providers of integrated financial advisory and accounting services and with offices in more than 100 locations, Findex offers a diverse range of careers across metropolitan, regional and rural Australasia.

Work with a diverse range of clients.

The work Findex does spans people, businesses, industries, countries, even continents. But wherever we work and whomever we work with, our clients are the centre of what we do. Their stories form the heart and soul of our business.

To learn more about the diverse range of clients you’ll have the opportunity to work with, watch Your Story is Our Business.

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Work with a diverse range of clients
Our Values and Behaviours

Our Values help define us, what we stand for, and how we operate - creating a platform to unleash our potential and drive high-performing, effective teams.

Client first

Our clients are the heart and soul of our business. We guide them on the path to realise their aspirations.

Big and bold

We are curious in our thinking and bold in our approach, always believing in our ability to create meaningful change.

Better together

We move together as a team, collaborating, trusting, and celebrating each other’s success.

Get it done

We keep our promises, delivering quality work with care as we move towards greatness.

Findex is a people business. And we’re a business for all kinds of people. Meet some of the people that have written their next chapter with us.

  • Behrang ZadJabbari - Partner

    Behrang shares his experience of leading a growing team, and how through empathy, accountability and integrity he creates an environment where they can innovate and thrive.

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Ready to write the next chapter in your story?

If you’re ready to write the next chapter in your story and be empowered with the tools to thrive in ways that suit your personal development and lifestyle, explore our career opportunities.